Coffee, tea, water and snacks are available 24/7 at the breakfast bar downstairs. If you would like a traditional Breakfast or Dinner, look at our menu below and be sure to confirm your order prior to arrival to ensure availability of items. All of our food is vegetarian! Dairy and gluten free options are available for select dishes. Chives, tomatoes, mint and holy basil are all grown organically on site.



Breakfast  Comes with choice of coffee, tea or water bottle

Egg Plate  $13.00
Two eggs any style with wheat toast spread with sunflower butter or jelly
Flaxseed Carrot Pancakes    $14.00
Flaxseed, walnut and carrot wheat pancakes made from scratch served with maple syrup and a side of fruit

Potato Quiche 
Potato and egg quiche melted with parmesan cheese and salted with Himalayan Pink Salt then peppered with dried holy basil

Eggs Benedict Florentine    $15.00
Two poached eggs on a toasted wheat English muffin with spinach, hollandaise sauce and topped with fresh chives                                                          
Breakfast Bagel    $7.00
Two sesame bagels cut in halves with cream cheese or jelly and a side of fresh fruit

Espresso Shot $4.00

Lunch/Dinner  Comes with choice of coffee, tea, white/red wine or water bottle

Turmeric Rice Dish   $12.00
Jasmine rice in turmeric cooked with potatoes, cauliflower, chives and salted with Himalayan Pink Salt.

Dinner Salad    Full: $13.00 / Side: $6.00
Spring mix tossed with black olives, a squeeze of lemon, croutons, Himalayan Pink Salt, cheese and dressing of your choice

Falafel Wrap    $13.00 / Plate (a la carte): $10.00
Fresh made in house Falafel fried in olive oil, wrapped in a flour tortilla with spring mix, tomatoes, shredded carrot, and cucumbers with a side of fresh made Tahini

 Fries & Chives    Full: $13.00 / Side: $6.00
Red potatoes cut and fried with olive oil then seasoned with cracked black pepper, Himalayan Sea Salt and topped with minced chives

 Side Dressings

Ranch (dairy free available), Italian Vinaigrette, Ketchup, Mayonnaise (dairy free available), Tahini,